Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Top 10 Alternatives For Soapware EMR/EHR

Soapware EMR/EHR has been one of the most successful EHR companies. They started as a basic electronic medical record company back in 2004, and reached a whole new level of a competitor in the EHR industry. But recentlythey have decided to shutdown their businesses due to a large number ofreasons. Now the users who have been associated with a SOAPware EMR/EHR are looking out for a better solution that might turn out to be a perfect Alternative for Soapware EMR. Well, we are here to help. So here is a list of the top 10 best EHR systems that might prove to be a powerful SOAPware alternative.

Athena Clinicals

AthenaClinicals is a medical practice management solution for medical businesses of all sizes. It provides features and tools like practice management, scheduling, billing, and other medical practice services. The software was outlined and propelled by Athena Clinicals Inc headquartered in Massachusetts, United States.

2. Kareo


Kareo is a medical billing software that can enable practices to schedule patients, to oversee accounts, confirm insurance and oversee other comparative billing errands. It can rearrange the confused billing issues and increase your effectiveness and ROI utilizing their group of billing specialists.


blueEHR is a cloud based Electronic Health record software that helps  practices to manage patient health records data. They provide a wide range of features which includes, scheduling, note taking, forms, medical billing, e-prescription and a lot more. The specialty of this EHR system is its ability to mold itself and be customized completely to match the workflow of the practice. blueEHR is a product of ZH Healthcare, inc. Mclean, VA, United States.


ADP AdvancedMD EHR is an electronic health record solution that can help clients to mechanize their workflow and oversee patient care from any internet empowered device. The EHR solution has been intended to enhance operational control and workflow effectiveness and it also accompanies adaptable documentation choices.


iSALUS EHR is an electronic health records management solution for businesses of all sizes. It likewise offers practice management abilities alongside security and training services. The software was produced and propelled by iSALUS Healthcare headquartered in Indiana, United States.


MediTouch EHR is a cloud-based electronic health record software intended to meet all your practice management needs. The solution is totally electronic and is completely integrated over the Clearinghouse, Practice Management and EHR and can deal with all your everyday errands beginning from front office scheduling to making and sending cases to payers.


PrognoCIS EMR is an electronic medical record solution intended to enable doctors to gather and store data from their patients with simple and solid security. The completely integrated practice solution comprises of patient portals, medical billing, EMR software and practice management.

8. NueMD


nueMD is a medical EHR and practice management solution that can help its users with their practice management and billing operations and help them to concentrate on observing and spending quality face time with their patients. The practice management solution is online so there is nothing to stress over reinforcements or servers and every single record is refreshed progressively.


eClinicalWorks is an electronic medical record solution that can help clients to deal with the greater part of their practice management needs and go paperless. Clients can enhance workflow and ensure that  everything beginning from the front work area to billing office staff is consistent.

10. Nextech


Nextech is an EMR and practice management solution for medical businesses of all sizes. It additionally offers the services of patient engagement, revenue management, and documentation. The software was planned and propelled by Nextech Systems LLC headquartered in Florida, United States.